[Webinar] Strategies for Grassroots Land Rights Empowerment

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The Community Land Protection Learning Initiative equips ILC members with the practical skills to support communities to document and protect their indigenous and customary lands. It builds a supportive cross-regional community of practice that facilitates learning between community land rights advocates. This webinar introduces some of the strategies members taught each other and then implemented back in their communities.


  1. Strategies and tools that help communities document and protect their indigenous and customary lands, and claim and exercise their rights.
  2. The benefits that come when women, youth and other minority groups are in the driving seat in the management of their land.
  3. The importance of cross-regional peer exchange and peer mentoring.


Moderator: Lorena Arce, ICCA Consortium Coordinator for Cono Sur and Focal Point for Latin America

  • John F. Kelvin, Land Program Coordinator at Rights and Rice Foundation (RRF), Liberia: ‚ÄúBreaking the culture of silence: How the inclusive participation of women, youth and other minority groups in land decision making can lead to people-centered customary land governance‚ÄĚ
  • Wahyubinatara Fernandez, Policy and Advocacy Coordinator at RMI, Indonesia: ‚ÄúCommunity Forest Planning: Reflecting from The Past, Planning for The Future‚ÄĚ
  • Karina Vargas, Coordinator of the ‚ÄėRights of Indigenous Peoples Programme‚Äô at Observatorio Ciudadano (OC), Chile: "Participatory strategies to protect indigenous territories in Chile‚ÄĚ
  • Jagat Deuja, Executive Director, Community Self Reliance Center (CSRC), Nepal: ‚ÄúCommunity action and participatory land mapping: an experience from Nepal‚ÄĚ

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John from RRF Liberia will focus on the establishment of a Community Land Development Management Committee, a customary land governance body provided in the Land Rights Act of Liberia - a revolution that will shift the traditional setting where women have been excluded from land management processes.

Wahyu from RMI Indonesia will explain how visioning and by-laws drafting help empower communities in five hamlets, plan for their future forest management, and mitigate the possible threats of Omnibus Bill.

Karina from OC Chile will outline the main strategies and tools OC adopts in the framework of the ‚ÄúTerritories of Life‚ÄĚ project: human rights impact assessment and participatory cultural mapping (Mapuche cartography).

Jagat from CSRC Nepal will show us a video documenting some of the strategies used to enable communities to claim and exercise their land rights, and to mobilize them as change agents. These include training of local facilitators, community origin mapping, visioning and valuation - among others.

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