Webinar: Supporting Communities to Document and Protect their Land Rights - A New Step-by-Step Guide for Facilitators (February 25)

@rachaelknight of the Namati Community Land Protection program gave an online presentation on Feb 25, 2016 to introduce an important new publication and to discuss it with practitioners.

Here’s the link to the recording:

Details of the webinar can be found below:

Supporting Communities to Document and Protect their Land Rights: A New Step-by-Step Guide for Facilitators

Thu, Feb 25, 2016 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM GMT

Namati is launching an unprecedented new resource, unlike anything published in the field of land tenure security to date: a hands-on, step-by-step, practical “how to” guide for practitioners supporting communities to document and protect their land rights. With this Guide, Namati aims to inspire and support hundreds of organizations around the world to launch (or expand) grassroots community land protection efforts.

This Webinar will introduce Namati’s methodology and tools to professionals interested in undertaking community land protection efforts. The Webinar will be a concrete, hands-on review of Namati’s four-step approach, including: 1) laying the groundwork; 2) strengthening community governance of land and natural resources; 3) harmonizing boundaries and documenting/registering land claims; and 4) preparing communities to prosper. After a brief introduction of the Guide, including its intended audience and suggestions for use, the Webinar will review the components of each community land protection “step.”

The second half of the Webinar will be reserved for discussion of how best to adapt and apply such efforts to a wide variety of cultural and legal contexts. Practitioners are particularly encouraged to attend. We recommend that participants review the Guide prior to the Webinar in order for participants to come prepared with questions for discussion. Registered participants will be provided with a link to download a digital copy of the Guide.


For those who missed it and want to catch up, a recording of yesterday’s webinar Supporting Communities to Document and Protect their Land Rights: A New Step-by-Step Guide for Facilitators (Webinar Feb 25) is available online. In the recording, you can listen to @rachaelknight speak about the guide and answer many excellent questions from attendees along the way.

Just click the same registration link and enter your details to access the recording. Here’s the link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3011749637764578817

A few other related links that are worth taking a look at are:

Please contact @marenabrinkhurst or email communitylandprotection@namati.org if you have any questions or suggestions about the guide.

114 people registered for the webinar, representing 42 organizations and 21 countries, giving us encouragement to organize more webinars! Contact me @tobiaseigen or email community@namati.org if you have a particularly important or interesting topic you’d like to present.

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