Webinar: "Tell Your Story with Data"

@namati_learning there is a free 30-minute webinar next Thursday, 15 February at 2:00pm ET that introduces a three-part webinar series on data visualization. I took a course from the presenter, Ann K. Emery, last year and learned useful skills to making better charts and graphs in Excel.

Here is the webinar description:

Is your data sitting around in spreadsheets, dusty, unused, and forgotten about? Your nonprofit’s data deserves to be out in the world utilized, actionable, talked about. During this sneak peek at the upcoming Power of 3 series, Ann K. Emery will describe how to transform technical findings into simple, sophisticated visuals. She’ll walk you through a step-by-step design process that you can apply to your own projects.

First, in Simple Spreadsheets , you’ll learn to analyze your data faster and easier than ever before. Good data analysis is the foundation for good data visualization.

Second, in Great Graphs , you’ll find out how to move beyond overused charts like pies and bars and how to format your new chart so that your message stands out.

Third, in DIY Dashboards , you’ll learn how to build one-page dashboards that get right to the point so that leaders can understand the numbers and then take action. Join us for one session or all three in the series. In this free introductory webinar, you’ll see before and after graph makeovers from real projects so that you have a sense of the skills that we’re going to be covering together.

This webinar will be held on Thursday, February 15, 2018. You can learn more here.

The time may be inconvenient for some, I will check and see if we can access a recording of the webinar to view at a later point.

cc: @mckinleycharles


That was an interesting webinar! It was a teaser, really, for a 3 part paid webinar series. But it was good to be reminded of the latest thinking in “telling stories” with charts. It seems to be pretty easy really to use excel to create more meaningful charts, with a minimum of training on how to do it.

It might be worthwhile for Namati colleagues like @ashleyvanwaes and @miaschmid to sign up for the paid webinar series ($149 for all 3?). This might help us to make slicker annual survey reports and dashboards for tracking our progress.

I took a few screenshots - see below.

(oh, and as an aside, @namati_network - check out the screenshots: I am super impressed with the latest readytalk user interface which is very streamlined, displaying most functions on a “need to used” basis)


Thanks for the update @tobiaseigen, I’m glad you were able to attend. I attended an online dashboard design course with Ann (the presenter) last August and learned many of the skills that she shows in the examples from the screenshot. I also have a book with tips on data visualization that could be useful when thinking about how to present findings from this year’s annual survey. I’d be happy to work with you and the team to develop more compelling data visualizations – it’s one area that I love to geek out on :bar_chart::chart_with_upwards_trend::smile:

Also, here’s the recording (@CeciliaInes), let me know if you are able to view it.


Thanks, @tobiaseigen, there are some really great ideas in there. I would love to learn more about data visualization - especially as I prepare to analyze the Annual Survey results. This could also help us in creating more visually attractive webinars. @miaschmid I’d love to borrow that book at some point :slight_smile:

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GRACIAS Mía!, aprecio este enlace!!. Cecilia

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