Webinar: The 6 Conditions of Systems Change

There’s an upcoming webinar on systems change that seems applicable to many of us. The timing is not ideal for those outside the US, but you can access a recording of the webinar if you register.

Here’s the description:

For many funders and grantees, the concept of systems change is difficult to grasp and even more challenging to apply in their daily work.

Join us on January 24 from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET for a webinar, The Six Conditions of Systems Change, hosted by FSG and the Collective Impact Forum.

FSG senior consultant Hayling Price will be leading a conversation with New Profit managing partner Tulaine Montgomery and John Kania , FSG board member, New Profit executive in residence, and coauthor of the recent article “The Water of Systems Change” (2018). Hayling, Tulaine, and John will be discussing how one can tackle the concepts and conditions involved with systems change work.

Register for the webinar here.



Thanks for sharing this unique opportunity.