Webinar - The Business Case for Land Rights: Private Sector Perspectives

From USAID LandLink website…

This Thursday, November 2nd, join USAID LandLinks and a panel of experts, for an interactive online discussion on the Business Case for Land Rights: Private Sector Perspectives on Responsible Land-Based Investment.

Secure, clear land rights are critical for sustainable land-based investments. But in the developing world, where an estimated 70 percent of land is unregistered, it can be challenging to understand who has legitimate land and resource rights, and land grabs and land rights abuses are often associated with commercial investments.

Featuring USAID partners, The Hershey Company and ECOM Agroindustrial Corporation, this webinar will explore how these companies think about and address land tenure risks in their supply chains. We will also delve into why and how these two companies are working with USAID to mitigate land tenure risks for their suppliers and increase cocoa yields in Ghana. Olga Gormalova (ECOM Agroindustrial) and Jeff King (Hershey’s) will be speaking, with Sarah Lowery (USAID) moderating.

Thursday, November 2, 2017 2:00 – 3:00 pm EDT

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