Welcome Bangladesh exchange participants to our community discussions platform!

Hello and Welcome!

After a highly productive learning exchange with the Bangladesh National Woman Lawyer’s Association, we are keen to keep all the discussions going here with the rest of the Network community. Despite some difficulty in getting registered and online while in Bangladesh, we are all back home and connected here on our Community Discussion forum! I wanted to make sure that none of you had any issues or questions with the platform thus far and knew each other’s names here as well: @mitali, @zannatborna, @fatimaadamu, @Wigayi, @Jovin_Sanga, @Zaw, @hlamyosu70, @YasmineNassef, @NisreenRammal, @Sawsanourallah, @SamaaEtturkey, @SharifHassanein, @Nidal, @nazeh

First off, I wanted to share some of the basic information about this Community Discussion forum for you all while you are getting started to answer any questions and make sure you have a clear idea about how to best use it. A good starting place is to consult the [frequently asked questions post] (FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the Network platform) that has a great deal of information on the platform itself, including the following:

Note that the New Member Checklist has lists to reference for things to do on your first, second and third visits that can help introduce many features here.

And please submit any questions or queries here as you become familiar with the community discussions! To invite other practitioners to the Network, you can use the ‘invite a friend’ link at the bottom of our homepage.

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