Welcome Leadership Course Participants

Dear Participants of the Legal Empowerment Leadership Course: It was an honor and inspiration to meet you last week. @vivekmaru , @katiehill and I are warmed by our newfound fellowship and excited to move forward.

Let’s continue to discuss here the challenges we workshopped in Budapest. Feel free to also raise new questions or ideas to the group. Please use the tag justiceleaders on your posts so that other participants can find them easily - any thread with that tag will appear here.

Finally, let me or @katiehill know if you have any questions about how to use this discussion platform. We are looking forward to ensuring that the lessons we learned in Budapest continue to impact and motivate our work.

Warmly, Abby

A shout out to all participants who have already signed up to the network: @Anggriani @donnyard @emmaday @pengding @francescaferuglio @Claire_Fourel @rebeccagang72 @Olga_Halchenko @urdu @Nika @mahajweied @lizkeith @mekimmel @Malimane @peninah_bhesp_org @NikoleNelson @lurynkouessom @allisononeill @Neetu @MykolaSioma @tendaimoyo @taslima @naniz @staceycram @yeyinth @manjumenon @indirasarma


Dear leadership course participants — As we look to the new year, please take a few minutes to fill out our annual survey. Your valuable input will help us to decide on our priorities for 2016.


Also, good news! All powerpoint presentations, photos, and graphic notes from the course are now available for you to download. We hope you find them useful and welcome comments and feedback.

Click on the following links for:

Many thanks to all who have joined our network: @Anggriani @donnyard @emmaday @pengding @francescaferuglio @Claire_Fourel @rebeccagang72 @Olga_Halchenko @urdu @Nika @Maha_Jweied @lizkeith @mekimmel @Malimane @peninah_bhesp_org @NikoleNelson @lurynkouessom @allisononeill @Neetu @MykolaSioma @tendaimoyo @taslima @naniz @yeyinth @manjumenon @indirasarma @staceycram @davidudell @bricksadvice