West Africa: HAPPENING TOMORROW ! 3rd West Africa Legal Empowerment Conversation: Paralegal Supervision - What does this mean?

Dear Colleagues,

In our last conversation, we identified supervision as one of the ways in which we support paralegals beyond training. We also appreciated that supervision is not a straightforward process. So what does paralegal supervision mean and entail?

More specifically:

  • Who “owns” cases – support NGOs, paralegals, clients?
  • What does ‘paralegal supervision’ mean? What happens when a paralegal and support NGOs disagree?
  • Who controls resources/budgets/etc?

We plan to have the session as an interactive conversation among us. Instead of having formal presentations, we will have a talk-show type discussion led by Amina Hanga- Executive Director, Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative, Nigeria.

We are sharing the questions in advance so you can prepare your answers and contributions, but we will have the conversation as informal and spontaneous as possible.

The conversation takes place here: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Time: 2pm WAT 1pm (Freetown), 1pm (Bamako), 2pm (Abuja)

We look forward to your participation!

Incase you missed our past conversations you can find them here: Structure of Paralegal Programs in West Africa - Paralegals - Legal Empowerment Network Community Discussions and here : https://community.namati.org/t/west-africa-paralegal-support-supervision-and-training-methods