What are the effects of domestic violence?

What are the effects of domestic violence? We are facing problems with how to help clients to take quick issues with their men.How can we help women to take quick action when it come to the issue about domestic violence? Now, looking at physical ,verbal violence that majority of victims are women,some of the root cause is verbal dv that have to do with abusing your husband amount group of people, After using verbal dv the man will applied physical dv.Dv is apattem of behavior used to astablish power and control over another person within the family or home.So ,what we some time do is that we will take a time talking with the woman making her to understand Setting things that she could considered in her relationship.Looking at her children and her properties and what are some of the things that she was doing in home that was making the man happy and fix?I If she continued to say that she want to go to thepolice station ,we will sometime tell them to go back and come the nert day so we can help to go through the court process.And sometime when they come back the story can sometime change.