What are your favorite role play, energizer, icebreaker activities to use during training sessions?

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Let’s use this topic to gather the best ones! At the Tanzania learning exchange, @EleaneKeamue did a lovely singing energizer to help us learn each other’s names and @dunijeidoh did a clever number counting energizer that required alot of focus and was very lively!

Please reply to add your favorites!


My nam e is Eleane from Liberia. I thing continue awareness is the way forwer…All civil society organizations need to double their effort to explain and train citizens above the law Government also need to come out with simplify version of their laws, lawyers and judges need to join the campaign to explain in simple language their laws,Together we can make it…


@michaelotto is leading a spectrum exercise right now to catch up on what we covered yesterday and to get to know everyone quickly. With a spectrum, you get people moving and it can get exciting! Participants line up according to their answer to a question, then are asked to explain why they are standing where they are standing.


We are having some great energizers at the legal empowerment leadership course taking place this week. I’d love it if everyone could share their favorite energizers here for the benefit of all. :sunny:

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Hello. Loved the ‘WOW’ energizer. Definitely got me more focused and ‘buzzing’. However you need a good breakfast and loads of stamina to pull it off well first thing in the morning! No room for sluggishness.


The energizers were greats, but I would see at the today and tomorrow Energizers. :slight_smile:

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I made this a wiki topic so anyone can edit the first post to add their icebreakers (with brief instructions) to a list. Today we had “mingle” which was really fun, with music. We were asked to mingle with music, then when the music stopped we had to go into groups of specific number, 2, 4, 8, 10 etc. Anyone left out had to answer a question. Fun!

The second icebreaker today was about birthdays. We had to line up in order, without saying a word or writing anything down. It was interesting to observe how we are able to communicate to get something done without making any noise. I also was struck by the reminder that there are more ways to feel a shared identity with others. People with the same birthday were hugging each other!

The woo energiser and Sarita’s energiser with the message" not all movement should be made with sound" was excellent.

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