What can we do as paralegals to regain family values?

How we help children who can not inherits from their step father?

What can we do to regain family values? What programs are in place relating teenage pregnancy?

Are girls getting pregnant still living with their families?

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Hello Kou! Welcome back to the forum. I am so glad to see you here and as always asking many pointed and challenging questions. It reminds me of the great conversations we had last year in Tanzania at our learning exchange, especially when bumping around on the bus! :bus:

For your info - I have merged these questions into one new topic in the #paralegals category, so other members can jump in with their suggestions and reactions.

It seems to me that the common sense answer to your questions is for paralegals to try to help people living within family settings to know their rights and to provide them with avenues for securing those rights. I know that can be immensely difficult to do so would be interested to hear from members what has worked for them.

Remember the school we visited in Mvomero with the gender club? I will never forget that feisty boy (talking in photo below) who was quite the budding human rights activist! @FloraMasoy could you tell us some more about that scheme and give us an update on how it is going? Is that boy already mayor of Mvomero?

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This is a good topic very educative

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