What I am working on


My name is Elaina Porter and I am new to NAMATI. I find the organization helpful, full of resources and support. I am working on a process and procedure for Americans of African descent to assert their collective and individual indigenous status on a local, state, and federal level. Several aspects of Americans of African Descent human rights are denied, ignored, and trampled on by the U.S. government. For instance, although Americans of African Descent existed collectively within the state at the time the U.S. government was constituted, the U.S. government treats them as immigrants from another state within the international system. This implies African Descendants wanted to assimilate depriving them of greater politico-legal control of their own socio-economic, cultural institutions, self-determination, self-governance, autonomy, and restorative justice. With regards to the legal history of the U.S., U.S. officials never granted Americans of African Descent the democratic opportunity to give their collective consent to governance by use of a plebiscite. The U.S. repeatedly injure and usurp their human rights. The government has established absolute hegemony over African Descendants in the U.S. Americans of African Descent wish to alter their former relationship to the systems of governance to include their international politico-legal status as an Indigenous nation with Rights of Sovereignty and Self-Determination within and among the various villages, towns, cities, unincorporated areas, states, and federal territories in which the people reside. They do not wish to relinquish any citizenship. Instead, rights be add to those internationally recognized human rights established through their declaration of independence on Oct 1, 2017