What is A Community based Paralegal? Booklet in Burmese Version

Dear colleagues and friends,

Namati has published a short booklet titled “What Is A Community Based Paralegal?” in the Burmese language. Namati is now accepting the requests for printed copies of this booklet. We hope the booklet, an introduction to the community based paralegal concept, will be useful to your own legal empowerment work and justice services.

In order to increase understanding of community-based paralegals, this booklet includes concept of paralegals, three case studies, and some key advantages of this model drawn from a variety of paralegal efforts in other countries.

The Burmese booklet is now available in print or online to legal empowerment practitioners and others interested in the design and implementation of community-based paralegal programs. An electronic version is also available in English.

Please feel free to submit the requests for the free copies of the Burmese language booklets to Namati: events@namati.org and this is the direct link to the Booklet on the website: http://namati.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/What-is-a-Community-based-Paralegal-Burmese-Dec2014.pdf

For more information on community-based paralegal programs and other available resources, visit www.namati.org and join the Global Legal Empowerment Network at www.namati.org/join.

Thank You, Namati Myanmar Program Team.


Hello, I was very much interested to know about the Community based paralegal. If you have any English version that will be helpful for me. Thanks

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excuse me. What is the link for English version. Thank you.

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Please look into our webpage for more detail of Community based paralegal English version.


What-is-a-Community-Paralegal.pdf (261.5 KB)