What topics to be train to paralegals


(Silas Nyagala) #1

The first link failed to work. We are planning to develop new TRAINING TOOLS: I request to suggest other topics to be included. TOPICS COVERED 2018.

  1. Who are a Paralegals
  2. Roles of Paralegals
  3. Legal system 4.Code of conduct 5.How to handle clients 6.Conducting human rights investigation 7.Data keeping/recording 8.How to partner with the government 9.Risk management & personal safety 10.How to build goodwill/trust 11.Who qualify and deserve legal aid
  4. Why we have to serve them

(Tobias Eigen) #2

Thank you Silas! The google drive link you shared doesn’t seem to be working… can you try sharing it again, or summarize for us the key points discussed in the video?

The resource guide linked below provides good starting points - for those developing paralegal programs who have used it, I’d love to hear which specific resources (and the advice within) were found to be especially useful for training paralegals.

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