What will Russian Cossacks do?Who can help?

(Vladimir Nebuchin) #1

Since on February 22 , 2018 the Far-Eastern Cossacks they filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights in defense of the Terek Cossack Army, due to the refusal of state registration. We passed 5 courts, including the deputy chairman of the Supreme Court.

The first two courts ended in our favor, the third court canceled the decisions of the first two and due to the intervention of Beglov (the president of the Cossacks under the president and half of the central federal district), and the judges of the Supreme Court left everything unchanged. The conflict arose from the fact that the founders of the registered Terek Cossack army are the Ministry of Defense and the presidential administration, which used servicemen “dressed” as Cossacks of the Terek Cossack army, in Ukraine during the seizure of the Crimea and the military actions of Donbass and Lugansk, we blame the President’s complaint in the not fair rules of warfare. The European Court on May 17, 2018 unreasonably denied our complaint with the sole decision of the judge (only one judge), indicating that within a year all materials on the case of our complaint will be destroyed.

We want to raise the issue of the validity of the refusal, in the consideration of our complaint through the deputies of the Euro Parliament, where we do not have any way out. We need in introducing to the deputies of the Euro Parliament who would support our appeal, and we need the help of the deputies of the European Parliament

The full text of our complaint to the ECHR can send by email. We are needed in help.Now we are in Paris. Contaсt us.

(Jeniffer Njoli) #2

My idea is ,most of the time ,when the number of the people pushing for the change or a solution is few,then its most likely to be over looked or ignored and so you should mobilise a big number of people who are in favor with and are ready for the agenda and when that is secure try to lobby it to the international community and it will be easier to reach for the solution.

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