What's been happening globally on citizenship & statelessness? Check out ISI's year in review

Did you know that deprivation of nationality - particularly related to claims of terrorism - increased dramatically during 2017?

Or that several states enacted legislation to remove gender discrimination in citizenship from their legal framework?

Have you seen the reports by UNHCR and Minority Rights Group on discrimination as a root cause of statelessness - linked to the current #ibelong campaign theme of stateless minorities?

Check out the 2017 Year in Review published by the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion for updates on these topics and so many more… there’s even a link to @mustafa_mahmoud’s recent TEDx talk on his experience with paralegals in chipping away at the citizenship challenges of the Nubian community in Kenya!

Post your thoughts and reactions here on what 2017 meant for citizenship rights in your communities and around the globe!

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Hi I’m stateless woman from Kuwait we banned from all activity to demand our rights we live without human rights since 60 years 5 generations more than 200 thousand lives… we banned from healthcare or education or work even marriage ., our died people buried without any death certificate., we are under siege please stop our suffering help us we are human being

Union Syndicale des Agriculteurs (USA) in Togo wants to find out why Kuwait woman is stateless? Is it all women or a selected ones are stateless? What about men? As for marriage, the administration can find you someone in Africa. Will you come to Ghana? Mr Ahmed Mahama Accra Ghana

Hi @AmalObaid Its so sad that you and your community are living in such a sad state. It is sad that you are even denied basic rights like access to health care. Do you have any UNCHR branch near where you live? It is the mandate of UNHCR to protect all stateless persons ensuring that no one is born stateless and ending statelessness by 2024. I would advise you go through their campaign to end statelessness in this link.

I would also recommend that you try to reach out to the local UNHCR office in Kuwait. Their address is here.. I would also love to hear more about your community about your community. What is the name of the community? What is the total population of the affected community? How did you end up being stateless?