When you realize you are unable to help the person in need

So I perform a lot of freelance work and try to help as many people as I can. I started working on a case and without giving out details after I was halfway through I realized I was unable to assist them further. I suggested that they seek legal counsel and recommended a few trust worthy attorneys that I have worked with in the past. As paralegals we need to learn our limits and if we are unable to help any further to understand that this is okay. I still follow up with them to make sure they are taken care of and that their case is going smoothly… there is nothing wrong with knowing your limits. Of course one can always learn and grow but not at the expense of someone. you can learn by shadowing and asking for help


Thank you for this insight @eda! You have reminded me of something I was taught in Professional Ethics & Responsibility - that in the event where a lawyer takes up a case that, in one way or another, is very personal and he/she feels that, because of the nature of the case, they may be prevented from serving their client objectively, they can politely excuse themselves and recommend a fellow lawyer to that client. And then again, no matter how hard one tries, they still find themselves not able to help a person to the full potential - which may lead them to unethical conduct. My professor, an advocate of the High Court of Kenya, warned us about the dangers of trying to win a case at all costs.

There may be several reasons as to why one may feel that they are unable to assist people further, and that’s okay. As long as one knows their limits, they can still find other ways to help people.

Please let me know what you think of my simple musings :blush:


@Rachele I agree. I think we become paralegals because we want to help people if not we would not be in this business to begin with and times this gets away from us.


Vraiment une bonne chose et doit se donner la main pour faire avancer les droits dans le monde

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Absolument. ensemble nous sommes plus forts

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Great, knowing your limits is best approach to succeed, it is not shame to say that ’ I don’t know’ or that is my limit please I will direct you to other person. We need to bring this knowledge to our paralegals, for the aim of having better community who understand law.