Why Africa Fails

At times I feel it absurd finding that Africans always wait for powers abroad to help them change their situation. It is high time we left that state and started thinking about our own participation in the change we desire. Mao Ze Dong had this to say “On whom should we rest the burden of our own transformation? It should rest on our own strength, and that means regeneration through one’s own efforts. We are not alone; all the countries and people in the world opposed to imperialism are our friends. Nevertheless, we stress regeneration through our own efforts. Relying on the forces we ourselves organize, we can defeat all our social and economic life enemies.” I would like us Ugandans to borrow a leaf from this work of Mao. We keep on expecting foreign bodies, government and neighbors to help transform our situation. We ourselves can address the problems we face. Just focus on the future you want, but also work in unison with other people is society for the common good. Apparently we are faced with various political socioeconomic problems but what are we doing to address them ? All we look at is getting foreign loans, donations, foreign NGOs coming in without putting in ourselves. None of these will help us address the problems we have, they will just keep on nursing the problems. This has tended to be the sole source of underdevelopment due to the laziness created. That’s why prominent inventories have died out because we hope to pick from abroad. I think we are taking this whole matter wrongly, because honestly most of us have done nothing to transform society. We look at success as being rich regardless of the means to get there, driving Porsche cars, sleeping in mansions and so forth. But before anything one needs to remember that you are an African, a human being who dwells in Africa and your own development will be meaningless if your neighbors are still in that undesirable situation. So this is where we are all getting it wrong, but it would not be bad if we picked up. Nations fail not because they do not have resources, but rather they do not have the will to succeed. If all you call success is driving a four wheel car, being in a political office, without exerting impact on society, then how shall we succeed. And African elites just have desire to succeed, but we do not have the willingness and the courage to take up the roles necessary for the transformation of this Beautiful Continent.


In summary, foreign aid is not sustainable in Africa.

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It is because Africa do dance to the tune of “foreign aid” (conditions attached)

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good summary. Africa need to be self sustainable.

Thank you so much for bringing this topic here. I highly share your thoughts. Personally, I am against foreign aid and I believe Africa should strive for self-reliance through inter-continental trade, such as utilizing platforms such as the Africa Free Continental Trade Area Agreement, which is a huge opportunity for African states to trade amongst themselves and improve their economies.