Why nations fail; a review and contemporary interpretation in uganda.-

In Wandegeya Kampala, there exists the Katanga Slum Settlement. Interestingly, uphill lies Mulago- the National Referral Hospital, in the West lies the National top University- Makerere, on the other side lies the Ministry of Public Service and other governmental departments, and downhill lies the slightly rich town of Wandegeya. In the middle of all, lies the poor, unsanitary, shambolic, and devastating Katanga Slum Area. None of the other institutions or places is more than 400 Metres from the slum.

Whereas the situation is in Kampala, it is a reflection of other parts of Africa to wit, the Kawangare and Kibera slums of Nairobi, the Zambezia slum of Maputo, the Masasani of Dar es Salaam, and more to say. The discussion should be focused on what is that, that can not be righted? Attached is a link to the main essay, though it concentrates on Uganda.