Why Nigeria should replicate Rwanda's free tech-enabled legal services -

Received by email from @peigen. Relevant to a conversation I was just having today with @AyanaMcCalman in Guyana. :seedling:

I’d be interested in hearing more from other countries about tech-enabled legal services. Does it work? What are the challenges? What learnings can be shared with fellow members seeking to get such initiatives off the ground?

Why Nigeria should replicate Rwanda’s free tech-enabled legal services. A joint project, which was created by Legal Aid Forum (LAF), a membership-based network of 38 national and international organisations, and Viamo, an international expert in mobile engagement, leveraged the wide use of mobile technology in Rwanda. It will allow LAF to provide legal information and advice to vulnerable members of society free of charge.



nice piece @tobiaseigen it reminds me of this short paralegals post

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Hi, great piece. There is a start up called Gavel- a civic tech organisation that connects indigent persons with free legal aid lawyers using tech in Nigeria. The start up also among other things provides legal information and empowerment.

The start up also has this tech tool called Justice Clock with which they track time of people on pre-trial detention and compares it with the time provided in law (ACJA) , once the time exceeds the provided time they engage the relevant authorities to ensure these people are charged to Court or released.

Twitter @citizen_gavel website : www.gavel.ng

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