Why Paralegal always get some challenges when they are working with their local authorities?

i need your idea so as to have wider knowledge and experiences from different group with different countries where Paralegalprogramme is applied.


Could you tell us a little more about the situation you are working in? I am also very interested in dynamics between paralegals and local government and local officials

Im working in Zanzibar where the political situation is not as much as stable as concern




It probably depends on their community but I have noticed that local authorities here in Zimbabwe generally accept and welcome assistance from members of aid community structures as long as they do not violate council statutes. Of course there could be issues to do with lack of accountability and suspicion that may affect the advocates’ work although this is usually dealt with through consultative and feedback meetings.

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In Liberia,from monitoring our paralegals activities and relationship with local leaders, some paralegals faced some challenges with local leaders at times when they (paralegals) do not do their community entry properly, or do not respect the community norms, culture and tradition. At times also some local leaders no matter what steps or respect the paralegals give them will not change their mind set about the paralegals and they will not accept them. It really depends also on individual paralegals engagement with the local leaders.


Hi we face problems with our local governments in our works .some of the problem that we face with in field is that our local government does not run court . But they charge for for bomb .And collect the bond fee and use it.

We some time engaged our local leaders . we also educute them about the rules law.

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