Why working for an NGO is a gift to humanity

it is quite compelling how Eradication projects are very easily done by Non-governmental organisations (NGOs). we tend to evade our problems through development which in my view is typically a positive progress. Voluntary organizations have been keen on ensuring that the socio-economic needs of citizens are met more than the government is which is mostly politically motivated with greedy leaders or what here in Kenya we refer to as ‘Tumbocrats’ (Tumbo is stomach and crats oh well you can fiil it for yourself).

NGOs play big roles such as Supporting aspects in which pilot programs are supported and financed with the help of charities and well wishers who see a bigger picture. Africa as we all know needs such organizations especially when human rights are being infringed. Communication is facilitated by NGOs which act as the voice of the oppressed and they enable a bargaining chip to be created in places where hope has been lost. as we all know human is a curios being and with that we need a lot of research and statistics to enable us improve. we therefore need unbiased NGOs to deliver us such evaluation with the help if stuff.

Advocacy is a skill that every NGO should teach its staff as it enables governmental programs to be implemented in a transitional manner where there is good political will. this can be seen through the Cairo Population Conference in 1994, International Labor Organization, UN Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters and the Rio earth summit in 1992.

The civil society movement needs to be genuinely created with a great amount of accountability will ensure that all resources are adequately distributed without fear of discrimination.

We should all mark what the The UN Secretary –General in 1995 said:

“NGOs are a basic element in representation of new world. In all continents of world NGOs are spreading in number rapidly. And this is inseparable from the aspiration to freedom and democracy which today animates international society. From the standpoint opinion and the mobilizing powers of NGOs”.

With that regard I would be quite happy if I was indulged in any organization of this nature either for a voluntary mission or a part time job in Kenya or globally thank you.


Hi Kevin! Thanks for the post. It’s nice to see you are so passionate about NGO work and are committed to the cause. I think you will find you are in good company here in the global legal empowerment network and hope you decide to hang out here on the forum on a regular basis.

My suggestion to you would be to keep an eye out for the job openings at NGOs in Kenya, and at the same time to hone your online presence both here in the network and elsewhere on linkedin, twitter etc. That way you can find out about openings and apply for them, and you will look your best when people look for information about you online. Contributing positively and helpfully to a community forum like this one will do wonders for your online reputation! :sunflower:

On the subject of the role of NGOs - personally I agree with you but prefer to use the more positive name Civil Society Organization (CSO). This defines them not by what they are not but by what they actually are. I was inspired by my father @peigen early on in my career that it’s also helpful to think about the role of CSOs in relation to government/public institutions and the private sector. A well functioning society, like a three-legged stool, needs all three to be strong. But in countries where government institutions are weak, private sector becomes rampant and corrupt, and then civil society can and should be strengthened to fight for justice and create balance. This concept formed the basis of my father’s work and is an inspiration to me every day.

thank you for your reply the term civil society organization is the best term i agree and thank you this was my first post and will hope to sight more insights on other topics

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You did a very nice job on your first post - thank you for contributing! Also, the NGO vs CSO terminology is really up to individual preference. It’s perfectly acceptable to refer to NGOs.

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