Winter International Human Rights Course on the Banks of Issyk-Kul

January 2021 marked not only the beginning of the year but also the start of practical cooperation between human rights associations of Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan — the International Winter Course to strengthen the capacity of the National Network for the development of state-guaranteed legal aid in the Kyrgyz Republic


What: International Winter Course for Capacity Building of the National Network for the Development of State-Guaranteed Legal Aid in the Kyrgyz Republic (National Network)

Where: Chok Tal, Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

When: January 22–27, 2021

Organizers: National Network, Legal Development Network (Ukraine), Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan

Participants: 25 representatives of 13 Kyrgyz human rights organizations, mostly heads of organizations or departments (94%), women (63%), residents of urban settlements (89%) aged 30–45 (42%)

Course key points:

  • Comparison of state-guaranteed legal aid systems in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan
  • Experience of creation and development of the Legal Development Network (Ukraine)
  • Public monitoring of the provision of legal services
  • Advocacy campaign planning
  • Information technology in legal aid during the Covid-19 pandemic

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