Witness protection

Gender Based Violence is very hot issue in many parts of the world. One Challenge that I have observed that is the heart of my discussion is that people are afraid to go to the court of law to produce evidence because of the security concern, the astonishing thing, this violence in many cases in my country involves family relationship ( example in my Country you may get information from radio, ‘father of 70 years old rapes his own daughter’), So when this happen some family members decides to solve the case in family level.

   ' In what extent does the law is required to protect the witness?'

@alihaji agree with this issue face witness, SGBV cases most of then go unreported because for traditional aspect, and family honor, witness face challenges after giving court his statements such as attach from Accuser’s family or relatives those challenges not limited GBV case but also other cases. in my region, GBV cases not required witness but it used the forensic lab that defined preparator after investigation his sperm

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