Women's Land Rights in India and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In partnership with the Center for Land Governance (NRMC) and the WGWLO (The Working Group on Women and Land Ownership), the Land Portal will hold an online discussion on Women’s Land Rights in India in the Context of the SDGs from 30th October – 10th November 2017 (over a period of 2 weeks), and would like to invite you to contribute to the discussion.

The discussion will be facilitated by Pranab Choudhury from NRMC and Sejal Dave from WGWLO are the dialogue facilitators.

As you may know, governments are meeting in Bahrain on the 11th of November to decide on the fate of many of the SDG indicators, including those relating to land and gender, and we hope this discussion will serve as a push to gain recognition of the importance of tracking gender in the context of the SDGs.

Ideally, we need people to commit to contributing a post under each question/theme to help frame the issues and get the discussion going. We request you to choose the question (s) that you may like to respond to based on your interests and experiences.

Your contribution can be quite short (around 300-500 words) and doesn’t have to be polished (bullet points are fine). You can draw on text from existing works, reports or presentations done on this topic.

If you do not already have an account on the Land Portal, I can create a Land Portal account for you and post your contribution on your behalf.

If there is anything I can do to assist you to facilitate your participation for the cause of women’s land rights in the context of SDGs, please let me know.

Here are the questions the debate will be asking: Questions Codes.pdf (183.5 KB)

Thank you in advance. I look forward to your participation.

Best wishes,

Neil Sorensen


Hi Neil,

Thank you for your post, and for reiterating the truly cross-cutting nature of the #sdgs when considering land rights and gender in India. I hope this community provides some valuable input into the discussion.

Thank you also for keeping the topic of SDG indicators top-of-mind. In all likelihood, the next time the indicators will be revisited in-full will be in 2020. In 2019, SDG 16 will be reviewed at the High-Level Political Forum, and thus will likely be a key opportunity to revisit some of the goals, targets, and indicators of SDG 16 around access to justice and legal empowerment.

Given these upcoming opportunities, looking ahead towards not only the meeting in Bahrain, but into 2018 and beyond, how do we ensure that 1) the agreed-upon SDG indicators are being monitored and reported on; 2) we are ensuring the uptake of some of the debated indicators not being reported on, such as the ones related to land and gender mentioned above; and 3) we are collectively calling for scaled up and more robust indicators on monitoring access to justice under Target 16.3 by 2020?

I look forward to continuing the conversation, especially as we start gearing up for 2018. :tada: