World Aids Day 2020: A Personal Reflection

As we remember those who have lost their lives to Aids and HIV related illnesses, this World Aids Day, letโ€™s also celebrate successes that we have achieved in pushing back HIV and Aids.

:pushpin: We have made notable advances in biomedical HIV treatment science over the years, for instance, most of those who require HIV treatment can now access it.

:pushpin: HIV testing is now relatively easier, personal and therefore more confidential through home / self testing kits.

:pushpin: Science is bringing closer to us new HIV prevention options, namely, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

:pushpin: Communities and global solidarities are pushing back the spectre of stigma and discrimination associated with being HIV positive or belonging to a family, community and/or race most affected by HIV.

Despite the successes highlighted above, we should never be complacent. HIV is still with us and causing more harm.

As individuals and within our communities, letโ€™s continue to promote;

:pushpin: Safe sex,

:pushpin: Pushing back stigma and discrimination,

:pushpin: Testing for HIV,

:pushpin: Enrolling for treatment early, if one tests positive,

:pushpin: Adherence to HIV treatment to ensure viral suppression and kicking back opportunistic infections, namely, tuberculosis and cryptococcal meningitis that are proving to be the major killers.

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Fantastic Observation Sixpence, keep on.


This is impressive and inspiring knowning and familiarizing with this laudable observation and biomedical improvement on HIV

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