World Justice Forum recap: taking the movement forward, celebrating our wins

Sharing a meal with peers from around the world who also share your passion for justice is a powerful memory, and one among many we have carried home from the World Justice Forum. The Forum convened at The Hague, Netherlands, and online, in early June to discuss solutions to some of our world’s most pressing challenges: closing the justice gap, ensuring equality, and ending corruption.

Network members & team members meeting at the World Justice Forum (including @FrancTerihati @AnnetteMbogoh @POSJonathan @lucianabercovich @marlonmanuel @AjayShankar)

The Forum afforded us an incredible opportunity to meet with many members of the Legal Empowerment Network while there. While recent regional Network events, such as the Chile Learning Exchange and the West Africa meeting, allowed local and regional interactions, the Forum was the first such global opportunity in years. Members built serendipitous connections, had important conversations on justice, spoke of their shared concerns, and had impromptu “learning exchanges” of their own. They discussed issues like collaboration with governments; the recognition of community paralegals; and ways to secure funding to continue the work. Many others joined virtually, sharing with us their legal empowerment learnings, helping us organize Network-led events, and actively shaping conversations.

Network members (Dorina Ndreka & @AnnetteMbogoh) discussing their work at lunch

Below, we’re sharing a few key highlights and takeaways from the event, in case you missed it:

  • The critical role of grassroots organizations in delivering justice was a prominent theme at the forum. Speakers and attendees emphasized the need for financing legal empowerment and investing in grassroots justice groups through mechanisms such as the Legal Empowerment Fund. This is a testament to the growth of our movement for legal empowerment.

Atieno Odhiambo (@AtienoOdhiambo) Director of the Legal Empowerment Fund, speaking at a plenary discussion about the Fund’s work

Legal Development Network team at the Justice Expo

Member POS Foundation (@POSJonathan & colleagues) receiving the Alumni Prize at the World Justice Challenge.

The opportunity to connect with the Network community in-person and virtually has given us energy, inspiration and motivation for the work ahead. We look forward to more opportunities to engage with you and build a stronger, more connected movement for justice, together!


Akhila thanks for sharing I really wish I attended but that’s a story for another day, good one and very interesting read

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Thanks for the information Akhila. I will attend next joined discussions

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Thank you very much for reminding us. Indeed, it was such a wonderful and inspiring experience gained, especially for some of us this was our first opportunity to attend such event.

The knowledge gained from the program will serve as an asset and guide for our legal empowerment work.

We hope, and are looking forward to more other similar opportunities in the future.

Once again, thanks to you all for the relentless efforts you are putting into this for achieving just, inclusive and sustainable world.

Lossie Konneh +23279780679/+23288483142 Sierra Leone.


Thank you so much, Lossie, and I’m so glad that you found the sessions useful and I hope you were able to connect with other attendees and exchange ideas and learnings.

For those of you who were able to attend the World Justice Forum either in person or virutally, the World Justice Project is looking for feedback on this year’s Forum. Please fill out their post-Forum survey here: Post Forum Survey