Your help needed to pass Liberia's Land Rights Act

There is mounting pressure on Liberia’s legislature to pass the Land Rights Act (LRA) before they go on recess at the end of August. The LRA has the potential to secure the rights of millions of Liberians to their customary lands, which will strengthen the economy, mitigate climate change, and decrease the chances that Liberia will slide back into devastating conflict. If the Act does not pass before the recess, it will likely linger through the country’s elections and be left in limbo indefinitely.

Currently, the Liberian CSO Working Group is intensifying their advocacy efforts on the ground to target policymakers to pass the LRA. In recent weeks, we’ve seen increased media attention to this important issue, and want to continue doing everything we can to support the CSO Working Group in their efforts to ensure the Act is passed. At their request, we are promoting a petition on Actionsprout, which calls on the legislature to pass the 2014 version of the Land Rights Act and keep all its vital provisions intact. You can find it here: Urgent: Take Action for Land Rights in Liberia. The CSO Working Group plans to deliver its petitions to the legislature the week of August 16.

We would welcome any support the Global Legal Empowerment Network can provide in promoting the petition or otherwise calling on the legislature to pass the LRA before it is too late.