Youth networks or groups meaningful and sustainable | Webinar

In this webinar, we will discuss how to engage youth to make youth networks or groups meaningful and sustainable.**

Join us while we examine reasons why young people join groups and explore concepts around group dynamics that promote sustainability. We will also share a resource with key questions to consider when conducting a youth engagement assessment as a prerequisite to forming youth groups or networks.

The speakers will be:

• Kevine Otieno, a young changemaker from the Western region of Kenya. He’s currently an official at Bondo Youth Center and has previously served as a Research Assistant and now a Youth Advocate with Plan International Kenya, where he has been involved with leading Meaningful Youth Engagement programs under Social Accountability and Sexual Reproductive Health and Right within the organization.

• Kashindi Shabani from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has co-founded Savie Asbl, an NGO that fights anti-queer hatred and works to increase the number of workplaces in the DRC that are LGBTI-inclusive. He also helps sexual and gender minorities access healthcare and education.

• Salma Yusuf from Kenya is an award-winning civic leader and published writer. She is the founder of an award-winning Community Organization, Mentor, Transform, Yield (MTY) based in Mombasa. Her experience in working with youth groups and networks is through leading youth empowerment programs to advance young people intellectually and financially and encourage positive mental well being.

• Jennifer Uchendu from Nigeria is a climate activist, sustainability analyst, and founder of sustyvibes, a youth-led organization making sustainability relatable and actionable for young people in Nigeria. Jennifer’s interests lie in the intersections of women, youths, and the environment. Recently, she launched The Eco-Anxiety Africa project (TEAP), focused on exploring and understanding the experience of eco-anxiety in Africans populations through research and advocacy.