Youths and women in active politics

Elections come and go and all we do is support a candidate, thrown to us by a Political God-father who is after his pocket and that of his family and friends. We are given some money to vote for their candidate and they share rice and wrappers for the women and mobilize us to attend their rally’s and after all our efforts and sufferings to deliver their candidate. We are locked out of his office for four years and no representation to carry us along in the affairs of the Government we worked so hard to bring to power. No lights, no good roads, no good schools for our children to attend, no jobs for our youths and women to work and earn a living, so we end up lamenting for four years and when it’s over, they come back to lure us to another bad deal with the same process, it’s time we stand up and vote in credible candidates to occupy elected offices and open the windows of development in our communities, for we need to hold our elected officials accountable for their campaign promises and that’s the best way we can benefit from the dividends of democracy and have our say in the development of our community and country. Let’s not fold our hands and let bad Politician’s take us for a ride but stand firm to vote wisely and hold those we’ve voted into power accountable to provide the basic amenities we need to be happy in life


Here taxpayer’s money is used to fund political parties. :unamused:. Speaking of accountability, very few leaders have visible results, for others its just power play and protection of dynasties. The so-called Godfathers, can’t and will never place the interest of citizens first, they simply care more about what they gain rather than the lives of the people. I really love the word democracy at this point but it feels like a myth or something that used to exist long ago. Like i said before, there is lack of proper representation at all levels. If there is, then its all for publicity and nothing else. Visibility is key. When you say youth role play or being active in politics its a story. The same youth are oppressed, they have to pay a fee to secure placements either in public or private sectors, they are trying to survive, make a living, most of them do not know what is going on.


Linda good morning, am talking about the voting process for majority of the votes in election, comes from the youths and women and if we refuse to vote, their will be no election. If we’re united and vote candidates that we can hold accountable, our votes will give us the freedom we need to have a better representative in our precious Political offices. South Africa massively voted for Nelson Mandela after the apartheid era and he stabilized the country during his tenure as president and their are more positive examples of people voting for the right candidate and enjoying the dividend of democracy. America saw Donald Trump’s administration as a threat to unity and peace and he was voted out of office even though he was a sitting president. We can do more to save our democracy in Africa if we rise above sentiment and be proactive