Zambian presidential candidate's xenophobic manifesto challenged

I have brought a petition before the constitutional court challenging the qualification of a presidential candidate whose manifesto is centered on a Foreigners Expulsion Policy, which I believe is xenophobic. The aim is to ensure that the xenophobic presidential candidate is disqualified; to prevent him from further promoting his xenophobic manifesto; to shrink his support base; and to send a message to all politicians that xenophobic manifestos will never be allowed to see the light of day in Zambian election campaigns. As far as human and humanitarian rights go, I believe that an African can not be a foreigner in Africa, nor can any person be a foreigner anywhere on Earth.


This issue Wellingtone I thought it was just a mare fabrication. No wonder his manifesto is not known to the general Zambian population, it will be a grave mistake for us Zambian to allow xenophobic in a Christian Nation.

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Dear @WellingtoneKulula, this news has greatly caught my attention. I would like to learn more, may you kindly share with me a copy of the manifesto, if that’s alright?

I agree that Africans should work together and put aside xenophobic notions. We are stronger together!

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@Rachel Magege, Hello. Thanks for taking interest. I will share the manifesto shortly. Xenophobia appears to be growing on the continent, this is becoming clear.

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@johnmasuwa Hello. Thanks for your interest. I was equally shocked to learn of this manifesto, and that he is quite adamant on it. The idea of him gaining more followers is concerning.