Zanzibar paralegal recognition under the law

It is another success to our Paralegals in Zanzibar towards full recognition. After the Legal Aid Policy of 2017 that provides the clear analysis of the current legal aid situation in Zanzibar, the legal framework for the provision of legal aid and issues regarding accessibility of and eligibility for legal aid service. Now, we get new law (LEGAL AID ACT NO.13/2018) that recognize the work of our Paralegals. It was long journey of advocacy, different initiatives. (Thanks Zanzibar Legal Services Centre for wonderful initiatives of Paralegals and recruiting process that now we proud of having Paralegal in each constituency of Zanzibar). Thanks President’s Office Constitution, Legal Affairs, Public Services and Good Governance and other stakeholders that make the dream reality

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Thanks for this update Ali!

Thanks for your appreciation. I will share more up date about the implementation of the Act


Thank you for the update! What are the most current issues you are facing in your work? Alexandar

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Thanks for your appreciation. Please I need more elaboration to your question. Do you mean current issues relates to Paralegal or

Good morning, What kind of cases do you deal with - civil, criminal, family, property, corporate or refugees?

Do you have support from the government?

Who can provide legal advice according to your law besides lawyers and paralegals?

What are the main tools for training the legal professionals?

I will be happy to talk by Skype on the weekends if you are interested.

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Thanks for clarification. In my organization most cases are civil cases, family, property. Also, now in term of criminal, we deal on the aspect of Children Conflicts with law. We have support from the government since we corporate with them in different aspects of our programs. Vakil and Advocates can provide legal advice I am ready to have contact with you

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The Legal Services Facility (LSF) is supporting paralegals program in Zanzibar. Our organisation is supporting paralegal activities in Pemba Regions of Zanzibar so that paralegals activities are repeatedly visible. The mid-term objectives of our intervention is that by the end of 2020, the project will have: i Strengthened established paralegals organizations with both technical and management skills in Mkoani, Chake Chake, Micheweni and Wete Districts of North and South Pemba Regions ii Enhanced provision of comprehensive legal aid services to the communities through skilled paralegals and supportive community systems in Mkoani, Chake Chake, Micheweni and Wete Districts

Expected outcomes Results area of objective 1: (i)Enhanced efficient organizational and management systems of district paralegal units to effectively sustain coordination of services and quality backstopping

Results area of objective 2: (i)To have created demand for paralegal services through enhanced women awareness of their legal rights and the mechanisms for seeking redress (ii) Improved access to and use quality paralegal

A competition was made for best Zonal Centers of Excellencies for Paralegals in Tanzania which we are pleased to have one of our districts paralegals units in Pemba to have been nominated as Centre of Excellencies for 11 District Paralegals Organisations of Zanzibar. The Micheweni District Paralegal Unit (MIDIPAU) is currently the Centre of Excellency for Paralegal Organisations of Zanzibar.
Unlike in the Mainland Tanzania which Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) providing backstopping to paralegal organisation, the Zanzibar Law Society has not started taking pragmmatic back stopping intervention. However, besides being in infancy stage, paralegal organisations of Zanzibar are showing signs of growth and sustainability which we are looking forward to see many more development partners, the line ministry and professional organisations assisting in the growth and sustainability of paralegal organisations

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Thanks @Alawy for great explanation and I do realize the contribution of The Legal Services Facility (LSF) for the development of Paralegals in Zanzibar and legal aid services at large for long time. Do you think why Zanzibar Law Society has not started the process ? since I am member of Zanzibar Law Society, we can share idea together so as to make something smooth for the benefits of our Paralegals. Happy to hear that Paralegal organizations of Zanzibar are showing signs of growth and sustainability though more efforts are needed to make the dream reality.

I wonder is there a free legal advice for people who can not pay for it in Zanzibar? Is it a common law or civil law system? Thanks, Alexandar

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It is free legal aid service in civil cases, and even in criminal in term of those children conflicts with the law. So, NGOs plays a good role on this example ZLSC (Zanzibar Legal Services Centre), ZAFELA (Zanzibar Female Lawyers Association ), TAMWA and other Paralegals Organization

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Great. Please keep it up with your efforts

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