Zimbabweans Struggle With Access To Consumer And Community Rights: World Justice Project

By Paul Sixpence

The World Justice Project has produced data highlighting major legal problems that countries faced over the last two years.

For Zimbabwe, the major legal problems were/are; #consumer (interaction with business) & #community (access to public social services) rights.

31% of those who participated in the study faced a legal problem. Of those who faced legal problems, 54% did not know where to get help. The study makes a case for the expansion of #accesstojustice & #legalempowerment programs.

24% of those who reported to have experienced a legal problem, reported that they faced a hardship that affected their personal, work or family life.

Further, according to the data, it took an average 4 months to address a legal problem. Considering that the majority of legal problems had to do with consumer rights, one can argue that legal problems were not resolved within a reasonable time period.

Of the 31% who faced legal problems, 1% faced problems related to access to national identity documents & citizenship. This is linked to ethnic & national minorities struggling to access citizenship.

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