I am 75 years of age and still put in 12 hours of active work with the most vulnerable, under-served sections of society and the challenged.

Though I am working on a computer from 1985, I lay no claims to being literate, educated or, patriotic.

I have put in around 29 years with the print and visual media and now, over the last 27 years, I am working in the area of education, capacity building and empowerment with the focus on children and young women.

I have not accessed any funds from any sources at any point of time and neither have I been recipient of any grants-in-aid - I work with organisations who require my services and leave when my work is done. I do not desire or crave any recognition or awards what-so-ever.

I do not crave or desire any recognition for the work I do in the development sector - my fight is to educate - build capacity - empower.

I am disgusted with the lies, fabrication, fraud that beguiles my country.