Eshomomoh Ogene has been a social justice crusader for over four years, advocating for fair and equitable societies. The primarily project was the re-introduction of trial by jury in Nigeria, based on its success and impact in many first world developed countries.

This led to the birth of The Jury Justice and Rectitude advocacy initiative, aka, the Jury Movement, which he convenes.

We have drafted several legislative draft laws/acts and engaged both the Federal and States’ Executive and judiciary and legislature in our symposium and advocacy interactions.

Our latest report, a white paper on poverty eradication through a save or starve economic theory adopted from the Governor Joseph Israel’s Genesis 41 policy mix model, is currently trending across political, business cum professional, social circles as a result of the insightful and unambiguous recommendations.

Presently, along with other legislative Act/law bills we are advocating and sponsoring, the Solid minerals’ producing and oil producing Communities parity/equity Act; which was only recently completed, is what we are in dire need of financial sponsors and local/international partners for. The plundering of the resources of these Communities goes unaccounted for and undocumented, leaving these host Communities under-developed and in chaos. For this, violence and hostilities have thrived across the Nigeria which has over 27 States abundantly blessed with solid minerals that can compete with the resources generated from the Niger-Delta oil producing Communities.

For this rage to stop, the communities must be protected and developed as a condition for mineral exploration and exploitation. The sector must be transparent and seen to be as profitable as it is. Indeed, it is imperative that the proposed Solid minerals’ producing and oil producing Communities parity/equity Act be enacted and implemented.

With a rich experience in legislative bill’s drafting, and having studied to understand the several lacunae in legislative Laws/Acts that make them easily manipulated leading to a deformed society with no fiscal discipline; all our laws have upped the ante and adopted a new model of including an anti-corruption, climate action and contractor’s ethics sections respectively.

Eshomomoh Ogene and The Jury Movement have so far has recieved no funding or grant from any Non-profit or Non-government organisation locally or internationally; yet we have achieved quite a record. We hope in the days ahead we can have the opportunity of having one or several of our projects been funded by some sincere organisation and going into long term partnerships and cooperations to achieve project goals similar to our visions or new and extant missions.

I thank you for the opportunity to share our profile.