I am a social entrepreneur running a social enterprise in Nigeria and across Africa. I work as voice for the voiceless children and women in hard to reach communities. I speak up against abuse and exploitation and join voice with communities to ask questions, demand answers and get justice for all.

As advocacy blogger, I bring to the fore topical issues that concerns children and women’s rights to policy makers, government of the people such that policies are framed for the good of people. I help the weak become strong through education, information and entertainment. I train, raise and mentor volunteers at different communities, then co-design home grown solutions to their local social challenges.

As influencer, I create veritable platforms for dialogue through interfaith and ethno- cultural forums; where grievances could be ventilated for redressed and where people can talk about what binds us together the more. Over the years, I have empowered youths and women through digital and vocational skills acquisition for job creation, especially through the use of agricultural value chain.

As public speaker, I shared my business model with young entrepreneurs which have sparked a new spirit in them. I speak human rights and work to translate this rights in the lives of everyday people. I speak to promote the rule of law, good governance, democracy and equal access to justice for all.

Recognizing the power of the social media, I use the space to dispel, disrupt and deconstruct negative narratives that can breed stereotype, hate and radicalization leading to violent extremism and terrorism. I use the space to nib new recruitment into violent extreme groups by young Nigerians and offer them loose space as volunteers in my organization for social good.

summarily, I am an advocate of SDGs. I simply localize them all at grassroot and play the simple part.