YOU ARE WELCOME: I am Oluwaleye John Oladejo Attended Sango Community High School , and Oyo State Community Skill Acquisition Centre where I Studied Electrical Installation and Conflict Management, I also went Further to Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity where I Obtained Trade test ONE to THREE ,
Electrical installations MY Company Registration Tude & Fuwa International Ventures ,(Reg NO: 061144 ) which I use in to Render Services to Companys and Individuals people.

DUTIES VOLUNTEER: I Am a National Anti -Corruption Volunteer Corps (NAVC) ,FROM ICPC)

AM Human Rights Defenders, The Co-odinator in Committee For The Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) My ID Card NO: Mem34) , /Reg CAC/IT/90694 )

I Am a state Exco in National Conscience as a Deputy Treasurer , presently a Deputy Legal Adviser, In Ogun State Nigeria (NCP)

AIMS AND OBJECTIVE; *To defend, Sustain and promote Fundamental Human Rights Guaranteed in the Nigeria Constitution, the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, the United Nation DeclaratiTo of Human Rights and other International Conventions and Covenants on Human Rights,

*To advocate for the Ratification and Implementation of all International Conventions and obligations aimed at promoting Human Rights in Nigeria,

*To create and support creates and programmes for the study teaching and monitoring of human right in nigeria

*To establish a system of prompt and efficient assistance for the needy person whose human right are violated

*To Campaign for promote and support legislations and other activities that are geared towards the Improvement of Human Rights in Nigeria

*To maintain close Link and Collaborate with other Organizations with similar aims and objectives anywhere in the World.

*To Eradicate Injuries, and to promote Environmental Justice,