Webinar: 2019 is the Year of Justice (January 23) [Justice For All Campaign] (7)

Join our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, January 23 to learn how we can advance justice for all in 2019. Our movement made history when we squeezed justice into the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by world leade…

Policy Brief Launch: The Case to Invest and Protect Grassroots Justice Defenders [Justice For All Campaign] (3)
[Featured Resource] Accessing Justice - Models, Strategies, and Best Practices on Women’s Empowerment [Gender] (8)
Ressource en Vedette : dossier politique sur la justice pour tous [Paralegals] (1)
Ressource en Vedette : dossier politique sur la justice pour Tous [Environmental Justice] (1)
'The Case to Fund and Protect Grassroots Justice Defenders' - A View From Zimbabwe [Paralegals] (3)
[Featured Resource] Justice For All Policy Brief [Community Discussions] (2)
Encuesta anual de la Red: ¿Qué haremos juntxs en 2019? ( 2 ) [Empoderamiento Jurídico (en español)] (21)
Gender equality and Access to justice [Paralegals] (1)
Promoting Legal Empowerment in Informal Settlements: Recommendations & Lessons Learned ( 2 ) [Community Discussions] (29)
Équité et Genre : comment améliorer la participation des femmes à l'accès à la justice? [Community Discussions] (2)
Do you have a website? Is it secured with https? [Technology] (3)
Legal aid in Tanzania [Community Discussions] (5)
WB Africa Gender Innovation Lab Call for evaluations on programs for improve women’s land tenure security in SSA [Opportunities] (3)
New Member Introductions :wave: [Community Discussions] (5)
Free IDEO.org online course: Introduction to Human-Centered Design starts January 22nd [Opportunities] (3)
Think Justice Mali : Comment améliorer l'assistance juridique communautaire? [Community Discussions] (2)
4th annual Legal Empowerment Leadership Course (Budapest, 2 - 7 December 2018) [Community Discussions] (5)
'Solidarity bus' represents Kyrgyzstan's landless women [Land Protection] (7)
Community Cycle in Wajir [Citizenship Rights] (4)
Innovating Justice Forum - The Hague, The Netherlands - 5-6 February (free tickets available for members) [Opportunities] (11)
"Acuerdo por el Acceso a la Justicia. Una agenda para la efectividad de derechos" [Advocacy] (2)
Opportunity for Funded Msc in Water Science [Opportunities] (2)
New Member Introductions (3 January to 16 January) [Community Discussions] (4)
Comment pouvons nous valoriser les ressources en vedette disponibles? [Paralegals] (1)
Comment pouvons nous valoriser les ressources disponibles sur le réseau? [Community Discussions] (1)
[Featured Resource] Vision, Values, and Voice: A Communications Toolkit [Community Discussions] (5)
Wetlands Environmental Empowerment in Equatorial River Nile Basin [Environmental Justice] (6)
How can we train people with basic education to understand and use complex laws? ( 2 3 ) [Paralegals] (48)
Drugs abuse,the block of youths future [Community Discussions] (7)

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