Annual network survey: What will we do together in 2019? [Community Discussions] (6)

Greetings friends! Our annual survey is up and we are looking for your input on our Network’s direction in the coming year. If you have not already, please take 5-10 minutes to fill out this quick 10 question survey t…

:calendar: Mark your calendars! Every Friday is FORUM FRIDAY [Community Discussions] (2)

Active members know our forum emails us when we are mentioned and sends weekly email summaries of the latest discussions. But in fact our forum works best for those who log in regularly, just like Facebook or Twitter. I…

Contributions for media sensitization on Human Rights [Community Discussions] (1)
Discussion: Investigating mid-scale, national land grabs [Land Protection] (10)
The Engine Room technology hotline for civil society organizations [Technology] (1)
Drugs abuse,the block of youths future [Community Discussions] (1)
How to start a movement [Community Discussions] (2)
Legal Empowerment Leadership Course, Day 5: Use of Technology and Building of Skills for Legal Empowerment [Community Discussions] (1)
Introduction to Legal Empowerment- Legal Empowerment Leadership Course, Session I [Community Discussions] (4)
New member introductions :wave: [Community Discussions] (2)
When life triumphs- Living story (Video from OSF Albania) [Community Discussions] (1)
What are your favorite role play, energizer, icebreaker activities to use during training sessions? [Paralegals] (8)
Legal Empowerment Leadership Course, Session III: Data Collection and Analysis for Advocacy [Community Discussions] (7)
New member introductions (22 November to 5 December, 2018) [Community Discussions] (7)
[Featured Resource] Breaking the Silence on Gender-Based Violence in Zimbabwe [Community Discussions] (1)
Legal Empowerment Leadership Course, Session IV: Communications for Impact [Community Discussions] (2)
Data Collecting Survey on Gender Based Violence in Laos [Community Discussions] (6)
List topic: data collection tools we use in our legal empowerment work [Technology] (2)
Inspirational case studies from the Philippines: Farm worker's justice [Community Discussions] (6)
New member introductions (8 - 21 November, 2018) [Community Discussions] (9)
Constructing water system toilet to help women in Unwana community [Community Discussions] (4)
Knowing the line between a paralegal and attorney ( 2 ) [Paralegals] (27)
Legal Empowerment Leadership Course, Session II: Organizing and Social Movements [Community Discussions] (1)
How are paralegals/grassroots legal advocates accountable to their clients and the communities where they work? [Paralegals] (3)
Breaking the Trap: Demanding Citizenship Rights in Kenya (video) [Citizenship Rights] (5)
Introducing two new network team members to the community - Maddy and Mohammed! [Community Discussions] (9)
Blue Economy Conference [Opportunities] (3)
Health law and reproductive rights [Paralegals] (17)
[Featured Resource] Accessing Justice - Models, Strategies, and Best Practices on Women’s Empowerment [Gender] (4)
Webinar: Voluntary Sustainability Initiatives on Mining [Land Protection] (1)

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