:calendar: Mark your calendars! Every Friday is FORUM FRIDAY [Community Discussions] (2)
Environmental Justice Learning Exchange Panel Discussion #1: Paralegal Training and Development [Environmental Justice] (1)
Happy International Chart Day! [Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation] (1)
What are you working on? (welcome new members 19 April to 2 May, 2018) [Community Discussions] (14)
Key Principles of Data Quality [Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation] (1)
Myth Busters M&E Edition [Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation] (5)
Fingerprinting at the police station [Technology] (3)
Burial practices in Daudi Karanja indigenous land in Mairi protected area in Kenya [Land Protection] (2)
Natural Justice is hiring a programme manager, Extractives and Infrastructure, for Guinée and Senegal [Opportunities] (5)
Webinario: El Acuerdo de Escazú: Una herramienta para fortalecer la democracia ambiental y proteger a los y las defensores ambientales (29 de mayo) [Empoderamiento Legal (en español)] (1)
Resource of the Week: Prison Paralegal Program [Community Discussions] (1)
Reporting back from the NTEN 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference [Technology] (4)
Reimagining justice: human rights through legal empowerment (Sukti Dhital article on OpenGlobalRights.org) [Justice For All Campaign] (2)
Promoting rights of marginalized people in Maniema, Democratic Republic of the Congo [Environmental Justice] (7)
The Webinar Command Center (from Ann K. Emery blog) [Technology] (2)
What are you working on? (19 April, 2018) ( 2 ) [Community Discussions] (36)
Provide support for more languages on our discussion platform ( 2 ) [Technology] (24)
Share how you are celebrating International Women's Day [Gender] (14)
Reimagining Justice: Realizing Human Rights through Legal Empowerment (Conference at NYU School of Law) [Community Discussions] (2)
AWARE Uganda wins an award on social health innovation [Gender] (3)
Webinar: Community Action and Remedies: Lessons from Environmental Justice Practitioners in Africa (April 4) [Environmental Justice] (7)
Webinar: Strengthening Collaboration in Era of SDGs in MENA Region (24 April) [Advocacy] (1)
Resource of the Week - Cuts that Hurt: The Impact of Legal Aid Cuts in England on Access to Justice [Justice For All Campaign] (1)
30,000 locals are victims contaminated water of mine chemicals [Environmental Justice] (5)
Every day more are at risk of becoming stateless [Citizenship Rights] (2)
Introducing new member Cadafi Inrule in Mozambique :mozambique: [Empoderamento Legal (em português)] (7)
Advice for members seeking human rights scholarships [Opportunities] (13)
Caring for the Coast: Building Regulatory Compliance through Community Action (New Namati-CPR Publication) [Environmental Justice] (1)
Nominations are Invited for Mahatma Jyothi Rao Pule Seva Ratna Awards and Dr B.R.Ambedkar Seva Ratna Awards (deadline 30 April 2018) [Opportunities] (1)
Fast forward 2018 accelerator applications (deadline 1 April, 2018) [Technology] (1)

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