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Community Discussions that don't fit into any other category, as well as community support. Please contact our moderator team or email with any questions or feedback.

Environmental Justice

Industrialisation, conservation enclaves, and urbanisation have impacts on citizens rights and the environment. Discuss how legal empowerment methods help sustain healthy environments and protect livelihoods.


Discuss issues relating to all aspects of gender, from women's empowerment to gender-based violence. Ask questions about challenges you are facing in this area, or share resources, solutions, and ideas.

Citizenship Rights

Explore issues related to citizenship, statelessness, and access to legal identity - and how legal empowerment approaches can advance effective citizenship rights for all. A space to share citizenship-related questions, articles, resources, and more!


Post and share jobs, funding and other opportunities in the legal empowerment field. When deadlines pass or posted opportunities are no longer open, they will be closed.


Discuss and support advocacy work that looks to advance legal empowerment and access to justice in national, regional and global spaces. Share opportunities for collective action or start discussion topics if you are looking for support on your advocacy work.

Land Protection

Fruitful, rich and exciting discussion on land protection topics, including land tenure, customary land tenure systems, indigenous land rights, securing collective or individual rights or title to land, land governance, and negotiating land deals with the private sector.


Discussions, learning and sharing of experience on paralegals’ work, models, tools and other information relating to community paralegals.

Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation

How do we measure our results? What are we learning from our case data? How can we strive for greater effectiveness ourselves, and build the field through evidence? Let’s discuss program monitoring, data collection, research, and evaluation in this category.


Leveraging technology to expand the availability of legal information, improve delivery of legal assistance, strengthen advocacy and promote cost effectiveness. Safe, secure and effective use of tech. Software/tools.

Empoderamiento Jurídico (en español)

Aquí podemos conversar en español sobre nuestras experiencias de empoderamiento legal, compartir noticias y oportunidades, ayudarnos mutuamente, buscar aliados y socios para iniciativas, e iniciar todo tipo de conversaciones que consideren pueden ser de interés para nuestra comunidad!


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Innovative Financing

Leveraging public and private sources of finance to scale up and sustain legal empowerment work. May include funding models that leverage funding across sectors and levels of government, or social enterprises, corporate social responsibility, pro-bono lawyering, micro-insurance and crowd funding.

Empoderamento Legal (em português)

Aqui podemos conversar em português sobre nossas experiências de empoderamento legal, compartilhar notícias e oportunidades, ajudarmos uns aos outros, buscar parcerias para iniciativas e iniciar todo tipo de diálogo que possa ser de interesse para nossa comunidade!

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