Upcoming funding opportunity for access to justice work in Canada

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I came across this funding opportunity and thought I would share it. Seems like the Fund is getting close to $10 million CAD! I am pasting some of the key info below (along with text that resonated with me :blush:,) but you can find the full post here.

If you don’t qualify, @ mention someone else who might :grinning:

"On Sept. 10, 2019, the Beverley McLachlin Access to Justice Fund was launched. The fund’s aim is to provide financing for innovative approaches to improving access to civil and family justice. Through an application process the Fund will allow individuals and organizations to explore, test, measure and grow good ideas that advance our progress. We will begin receiving applications next year, with a transparent and publicly available application process. … "Increasingly, we are recognizing that the response to the access to justice crisis in Canada is a shared responsibility, requiring a multifaceted approach. While governments, courts and lawyers have significant roles to play, they are not the only actors on the stage. And, more importantly, they are not the only actors with good ideas about access to justice. … “However, the work is not easy. Too often, efforts to improve access to justice lack adequate and sustained funding. They lurch from crisis to crisis and find themselves unable to pursue sustained projects — projects that could make a great difference to the lives of individuals. The Fund announced on Sept. 10 will help alleviate these problems and allow individuals and organizations dedicated to better justice attain their goals.”

Source: Access to Justice: New fund aiming at solutions | Beverley McLachlin - The Lawyer's Daily


@AdrianDiGiovanni – thought you know of someone or some organization that may be interested in this :point_up_2:

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Hi @Lswift111, you might want to check this out.

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@APAVLOV this might be of interest to you


Thanks, Mohammed. Appreciate it.

This is a great idea to improve the access to justice in Canada. From my experience and from what I read and understood from conversations with lawyers and clients, many people can not afford to pay for a lawyer and this makes them in difficult situation to protect their rights. A lot of litigants self-represent themselves in the court which was a big surprise for me. Every initiative which can help them will be welcomed. I am interested to know about the details and will be happy to share them with my contacts from the legal community in Kitchener and Waterloo.

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