Recurring fundraising & grant opportunities for legal empowerment


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There are numerous donors and grant-making groups in the world, many of whom offer recurring grant opportunities in human rights, access to justice and legal empowerment fields. This is not a comprehensive list whatsoever, but a start to some of the different donors and we encourage additions or suggestions on an on-going basis.

This is also an excellent publication titled: “Funding Resources for Community-based Groups in Africa” published by Urgent Action Fund - Africa focusing on women’s human rights, which includes many large donor organizations and also some specific to Africa:

Please feel free to contribute any useful additions!

African Women's Development Fund call for proposals
Scholarship opportunities for legal empowerment
Scholarship Opportunities for further Studies
Funding Opportunity - USAID/Senegal Governance for Local Development (Feb 2016)
Financing grassroots efforts (case of Kahama Paralegal Aid Organization serving children, other marginalized groups)
Impact Fund Grants Program: Advancing Human Rights, Environmental Justice and Poverty Law
Constructing water system toilet to help women in Unwana community
New Member Introductions (20 December to 2 January)
Call for Applications: The Special Fund – A Focus on Torture Prevention (deadline 1 March)
Cooperation request from National Society for Democracy and Law in Gaza Strip
2018 Learning Exchange on Citizenship and Legal Identity (7-19 October)
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(Josephine Ndirangu) #6

Thank you Michael we shall see how best to benefit from this new information.

Blessed day.

(Kou Dorkago) #7

Many thanks for this opportunity! I which to be one of those that will be recurred to be part of the opportunity.

(Zia Uddin) #8

Thanks for Sharing donor list. It can be an important database if everybody share their own donor list of legal empwoerment works

(Mwanga Mastullah Ashah) #9

thank you for sharing

(Musa Usman Ndamba) #10

Michael, Thanks very much for sharing this very important information on donors and grant making groups funding for access to justice and human rights. This worth exploiting.

(William Achol) #11

I just took better notice of the great information lately and I feel Michael has proved to be humanist in sharing at a time i thought networking can mean exploitation of others!

(Tobias Eigen) #12

Thanks everyone for the thoughtful appreciation of @michaelotto’s recurring funding opportunities topic! :sunflower:

We know sustainability is a challenge and so are very glad you find this list useful. Let us know if there are updates or additions to this list you’d recommend.


Hello here i am happy to be here

(Tobias Eigen) #17

Wonderful. We are happy you are here, @PATIENCE! :sunny: You are very welcome to our community. Let us know if you have any good ideas for fundraising and grant opportunities relevant in #sierraleone or generally, or if you have any specific questions.

@ndambamusa! Happy :cake: day! It’s your one year anniversary of joining the Global Legal Empowerment Network. I think of you often since our learning exchange in Kenya last fall, and hope all is well with you and your colleagues at MBOSCUDA in #cameroon.


i want to benefit from the fundraising and grant how do i go about it


yes i have. i want the grant to disseminate the National Land Policy in the Kambia District of Sierra Leone. it will be in a form of outreach and workshops programs through out the district

(Tobias Eigen) #20

Great to have you here, @PATIENCE.

Each of the donors listed above have their own procedures and requirements, so you’ll want to click through to their websites to learn about them. You can then get in touch with the ones that seem like a good fit for you.

I suggest you also look at who else is working on legal empowerment in Sierra Leone and get in touch with them, to find out how you might work together. That might be the easiest way towards donor support if you don’t already have ongoing projects and a track record. You can also get to know people who are talking about #sierraleone here in the forum and engage them in conversation, and contact them.

The member directory might also be a good place to find potential collaborators - just filter by Sierra Leone to see who is working in your country.

Introducing Bright Light Youths Empowerment in Sierra Leone
(ekaterine kikatunidze) #21

Thank you for sharing the information on donors and grant-making groups. OFPH has joined the Global Legal Empowerment Network recently and we find it very useful and informative.

(Mary Oyier) #22

Thank you Team Namati for sharing the above @michaelotto:pensive: that am seeing it today :slight_smile:. Better late than never the saying goes. Thank you once more.

(Yamungu Alongo) #23

Thanks @michaelotto for sharing this Recurring fundraising & grants opportunities for legal empowerment. I am really interested and I hope It help me and other members to get support from those donors. This is now for us to consult their site and follow all required processes to apply. Thank you again.

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